YKK Group Social Media Policy

YKK Group Social Media Policy

Each YKK Group company (the “OK彩票”) will adhere to the YKK Group Social Media Policy (the “Policy”) in regard to the operation of official accounts on social media (e.g., Twitter, blogs, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn –“Social Media”) and use of Social Media by the OK彩票’s employees.

Purpose of Participation in Social Media

The OK彩票 will participate in communication activities and information dissemination through Social Media. The purpose is to enable many people to learn even more about the OK彩票.

Guidelines on the Use of Social Media

  1. We will listen to the opinions of our customers and Social Media users, and act with integrity to ensure that we may build their confidence in the OK彩票.
  2. We understand that once published, information cannot be entirely erased from the Internet even if deleted for administrative reasons. We will post information with this understanding in mind.
  3. We understand that Social Media exists within the Internet environment and can be accessed by many, unspecified users. We will engage in responsible information dissemination and make posts with this understanding and awareness.

Things Required of the OK彩票’s Employees

Employees of the OK彩票 will use Social Media while complying with various laws and regulations, and internal rules and regulations.

Notices and Requests

  1. Information is current as of the time of publication. The validity of published content may change at a later date due to circumstances or other reasons.
  2. The information disseminated through or posted on Social Media by the OK彩票’s employees does not necessarily represent official announcements or express official opinions of the OK彩票. The official announcements and opinions of the OK彩票 can be confirmed on the OK彩票’s official website, news releases and other such means.
  3. The content of information being disseminated and method of dialogue (e.g., whether or not response will be made, the amount of time that is required for response (if any is given) and method of response) differ according to the Social Media account.
  4. The OK彩票’s Social Media accounts may be terminated or suspended in whole or in part without prior notice and at the discretion of the OK彩票.
  5. Comments, posts and acts that interfere with the operation and management of the OK彩票’s Social Media account, infringe on the rights of third parties, or are otherwise unlawful or deemed obscene, harassing or morally reprehensible by the OK彩票 may be, at the discretion of the OK彩票, deleted, the accounts of offenders blocked or subject to other such action by the OK彩票.
  6. Unless it violates the operational rules and regulations of a Social Media service, etc., all copyrights of posts and comments made by customers and users in the comment section, of the OK彩票’s official Social Media account will belong to the customer or user who drafted and submitted or posted the relevant post or comment. However, once a customer or user submits or posts such items, for which they own the copyright, to the OK彩票’s Social Media account, the submission or posting will be deemed as the relevant individual having granted the OK彩票, free of charge, permanent rights to a non-exclusive license for the use (including sublicensing, tailoring, extracting excerpts, duplicating, publishing, translating and making public transmission) of the item in question. Furthermore, it shall also be deemed to be an agreement not to exercise the author’s personal rights in relation to the OK彩票’s use of the copyrighted item in question.
  7. There may be cases in which the OK彩票 utilizes comments or other submissions or posts by customers and users in data analyses for the purpose of the OK彩票’s future activities and marketing activities. Note that even in such cases, customers and users who made submissions and posts may not request remuneration for the use, and will not be granted any rights accompanying development, etc.
  8. The OK彩票 will have no connection with any and all information disseminated by a third party. The OK彩票 will also not be liable for any damages, problems or conflicts arising from information disseminated by a third party.
  9. The information published by this OK彩票 on its official Social Media accounts is protected by copyright law, various agreements and treaties and other laws. Except for use for which authorization was granted in particular, the use (duplication, modification, uploading, presentation, transmission, distribution, sale, etc.) of such information published by the OK彩票 outside of personal, noncommercial use and for purposes that go beyond what is explicitly recognized by law, etc., will be deemed copyright infringement under copyright and other laws.

The Handling of Personal Information

The OK彩票 will appropriately manage acquired personal information on the basis of the Privacy Policy () as established by this OK彩票.

Revisions of the Policy

The OK彩票 may change or revise the Policy without prior notice. The Policy enters into force with publication by the OK彩票 on this webpage.